The Silver Lining of Baltimore Riots

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The Silver Lining of Baltimore Riots Empty The Silver Lining of Baltimore Riots

Post by WD42C on Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:04 pm

It's too easy to focus on the negative side of these things - to accuse, judge, and condemn. However, as we pray for peace for our fellow man, lets take a moment to focus on the good in people. I always say, it takes very little light to displace a lot of darkness.

From a INFOWARS story...

Here is the text, see the above INFOWAR link for pictures and videos...

It seems that the lone Vietnam veteran who took a stand against violent looters Monday has inspired a real uprising in Baltimore – against the rioters.

Incredible scenes underreported and barely covered by the mainstream media unfolded just ahead of the designated curfew yesterday as citizens lined up, and even held hands in front police lines, putting themselves in the direct line of fire of bottles, bricks and rocks being thrown toward cops.

Their message to the rioters was ‘enough with this sh*t':


— banksy (@thereaIbanksy) April 29, 2015

People link arms to form a chain between police and demonstration at Penn/North Ave. #BaltimoreUprising #FreddieGray

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 28, 2015

On Penn/North avenues, locals are locking arms to "keep 'outside agitators' away from police." #BaltimoreUprising

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 28, 2015

As Baltimoreans clean up outside the burnt out CVS, some form a silent line in front of police line. #FreddieGray

— Cam Thompson WNEW (@CamThompsonWNEW) April 28, 2015

Story behind the boy offering water to officer, taken by Bishop Cromartie #BaltimoreUprising

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 29, 2015

#FreddieGray protester: "Listen to me! Do not give them a reason!"

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 26, 2015

Community members stood between demonstrators and police today after confrontation. #BaltimoreUprising #FreddieGray

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 28, 2015

Seen at Pennsylvania and North Avenue, after curfew. #BaltimoreCurfew

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 29, 2015

Black lives! They matter! White people! They matter! All people! They matter! #BaltimoreUprising

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 29, 2015

Other citizens stood outside businesses and property, guarding against looters:

Others have grouped together to clean up their city.

"We live right down the street. Just doing our part." Neighbors clean-up one block from the CVS #BaltimoreUprising

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 28, 2015

Staff and tutors join in to clean all the way to the corner where the largest riots took place #OneBaltimore

— ReadingPartnersBMore (@RPBaltimore) April 28, 2015

Dozens of volunteers out in force to clean up #Baltimore this morning.

— Hannah Marr (@_hmmarr) April 28, 2015

People clean up a CVS store that was looted

— Colin Campbell (@BKcolin) April 28, 2015

Real ‘protesters’ engaged police in conversations, even voicing their concerns over incidents of police brutality. Police officers even agreed with them:

“@LilPhatty_: RT @ProfessorPash: BOOST THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! #Baltimore RT @CurvaceousCodi: Make this go viral”

— K (@Kamariawi) April 28, 2015

Overheard: 1 cop to other, "There's a lot of press" "Yeah, I don't know what they're waiting for" #BaltimoreCurfew

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 29, 2015

Others simply danced in the street:

Amid the riot, a dance party has broken out #FreddieGray

— Sputnik US (@SputnikNewsUS) April 27, 2015

Of course, none of this makes for compelling rolling news like smashing and chaos does.

It is a timely reminder that those who engage in violent rioting and looting are only encouraging further police authoritarianism, a fact every day citizens appear to be embracing in Baltimore.

"It feels like martial law in this city…humvees, national guard on every block." –@Darielm #BalitmoreUprising

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 29, 2015


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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