The Department of Veterans Affairs and the FBI target veterans, send ATF agents to disarm them

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The Department of Veterans Affairs and the FBI target veterans, send ATF agents to disarm them Empty The Department of Veterans Affairs and the FBI target veterans, send ATF agents to disarm them

Post by Reklaw69 on Sat Apr 25, 2015 4:32 pm

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) -The Department of Veterans Affairs is Working with the FBI to place veterans on a list That bans them from owning firearms, According to an article by The Daily Caller That memorandum cites a previously unreleased.

This end run around the 2nd Amendment Apparently starts with a veteran seeking medical care at a VA hospital. After the visit, then a VA Officials can add the veteran to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for any number of shocking Reasons Including Their Personal Finances and common medical decisions.

This now public backdoor gun confiscation then a program can lead to unknowing veterans Being ATF agents raided by WHO Their demand They turn over legal firearms with previously.

The February 27, 2012 memorandum, quoted but not published by the DC, includes wording such as:


"VA will Provide an encrypted compact disc Exchanged via mail to the FBI no less than quarterly for, inter alia, inclusion in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)."

"Data Disclosed by VA to the FBI under the terms of esta agreement is to be Entered into the NICS Index."

"There Were 129.440 beneficiaries in the program as of July 12, 2012."

The article quotes multiple veterans Who Fell victim to this program and are rightfully outraged at esta Their attack on Constitutional rights, Especially With the years of service They Have Given to the country. The horror stories include a man from Texas Being put on the list Because I changed His banking to auto-debit and a veteran from Colorado Who Had ATF agents show up at His doorstep after I switched from harmful pharmaceuticals to cannabis.

"A [VA] counselor named Dr. Blair says, 'How are you handling your finances?'," Veteran Henry Wrobel of Canton, Texas Told TheDC. "I Said my wife Suggested, to make it a little bit Easier for me, maybe use the auto-debit Instead of going to the post office Because It's hard for me to drive" with injuries Including two "made-up thumbs' Resulting from 12 hand surgeries, a wired-on shoulder, and other ailments.

"I Told him it's working very well," Wrobel Said. The counselor "That I wrote down was unable to handle my own finances and that 'His His wife handles finances.' I got a letter saying That Because I can not handle my finances I'm like a felon and I can not be around guns. "


"I was getting sick from the actual medications They had me on," war veteran Douglas Colorado Szklarski Told TheDC. "I pretty much lived in bed. Brought me Somebody joint. I started using cannabis. I started turning it around immediately. So I Said I would not [take the pills VA] anymore. They Said You have to take them. They Deemed me incompetent. "

"I've had like nine doctors say I was not still incompetent And They Went after my guns."

"ATF came to my house. I had to surrender them, "Szklarski Said That Noting have appealed the VA's decision. "I just got my guns back."

This new information is even more revealing When You Consider That the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies openly Have Declared returning veterans horror as the top threat facing the country today. Local police unavailable Also returning veterans used as an excuse When receiving military gear from the Pentagon.

In May 2014, published an article Mac Slavo That included a photo of a homeland security document returning vets That Characterized as a top threat to carry out domestic terrorism.

"While President Obama and Congressional Representatives lays wreaths give lip service Thanking Their sacrifice for our veterans, the Department of Homeland Security operating under the directives of Said Executive and Legislative branch membership warns law enforcement personnel to be on the lookout for domestic extremists pose to WHO threat to the United States of America. "

2009 warning from DHS to the local law enforcement

Also in May 2014, police in Morgan County, Indiana Local ADMITTED That Increased militarization of law enforcement was in part due to the threat of returning veterans With FDI in bomb making skills. Paul Joseph Watson wrote at the time, "In a chilling story Entitled Armed for War: Pentagon surplus Gives Local police an edge, we learn how to Mine Resistant Vehicle (MRAP) Which was used eleven o'clock During the occupation of Afghanistan will now be" patrolling the main streets of Indiana, "according to the report."

"When I first started we really did not have any That the violence we see today," Said Sgt. Dan Downing, "The weaponry is totally different now That it was in the beginning of my career, plus, you have a lot of people Who are coming out of the military That Have the Ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques. "

This is the same VA with a documented culture of "retaliation" against whistleblowers as detailed in Congressional hearings and a report I published early last week.

"A culture of retaliation That includes whistleblowers Accessing medical information to be used against them is alive and well within the Veterans Affairs Department, According to testimony before a House Given Congressional subcommittee Monday.

The committee was called to discuss problems faced by whistleblowers since revelations last years Showed Widespread issues Within the VA system That Caused extremely long wait times Ultimately Which led to the deaths of multiple veterans. DESPITE promises by new VA Secretary Bob McDonald, not only do the problems REMAIN unfixed, Those That Have revealed the problems faced extreme retaliation. "

The attacks on veterans in the last ten years so Numerous That Have Been Could be written multiple articles listing them all but the simplest underlying fact That veterans are a threat is made crystal clear in each and every one. The latest gun confiscation scheme uncovered Between the VA and the FBI May be the tipping point.

As Michael Connelly, executive director of the United States Justice Foundation, Told the DC, "The [FBI] memo is Particularly troubling to us Because It Makes It Clear That the FBI is rubber-stamping the lists of veterans Being sent to it by the These Placing VA and veterans on the NICS list under the category of people Being Declared to Have Been 'adjudicated as mentally defective or has-been Committed to mental institution.' "

"There is a complete lack of due process here, and it is never Mentioned in the memo. The burden of proof is on the veterans and even If They succeed in getting the incompetency ruling is reversed the VA Apparently not informing the DOJ of That So the veterans stay on the NICS list. Some veterans say That They send the info to the FBI That still Refuses to move them from the list. "Reprinted with the permission of Intellihub.


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